March 2017

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EBooks Reading Tips for Samsung Galaxy Tab

There are two ways to read books from your Samsung Galaxy Tab. One is to simply launch a PDF through the default reader and the other option is to download a new eBook reader from the Play Store. Both have their own merits, and reading depends heavily on the file format and the features in the reader app. Here are some tips to make reading easy. Kindle for Samsung with PDF or Mobi The most prominent file format for eBooks “epub” was present in the previous app “Reader’s Hub”, but not on the latest default app that is Kindle for…

Tablet PC Wholesale

Securing Tablet Devices for Web Browsing

In today’s world, internet connectivity has extended far beyond desktop computing and into the domain of smartphones and tablet devices. Such a rapid transformation in technology has made possible internet accessibility on the go using any digital device. Tablet devices, with their well-renowned features of a larger screen and better processing power, have made them ideal for web browsing and a whole other productivity functions. Due to this, tablets have witnessed a revival in the market with more customers preferring them to conventional laptops and smartphones. However, the increasing assortment of internet dangers like data theft and privacy issues presents…

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How to Decrease Data and Memory Use in your Android Tablet

It is very easy to hit the data limit or memory on your Android tablet these days, as there are numerous apps and games available that can eat away the data and memory of your device pretty soon. However, there are many configurations in the Android OS, which you can enable to decrease the data and memory usage of the device. Follow the simple guidelines shared below to decrease data and memory usage to about one third. Use Only Wi-Fi to Update Apps Ensure that you use Wi-Fi only to update apps. To do this, open the Google Play Store,…