April 2017

Wholesale Tablets

Android or Apple Tablet- Which One Is the Best Choice for Businesses

Many businessmen who use their personal tablets for work-related tasks often wonder which tablet is the right choice for them. Android and Apple tablets are obviously the top and best choices available to users. Both of these tablet manufacturers were highly successful in making their tablets a lot more work friendly over the last few years. The exceptional features offered by the latest tablets have enabled several small-scale and large-scale businesses in the world to enjoy an improved communication system while allowing them to have better access to data. Check out the brief comparison between Apple and Android tablets that…

Wholesale Tablets

Samsung Galaxy Tab S3 Offer Free Stylus

Samsung used to release many tablet models every year, but now their tablets efforts have become much subdued. Nonetheless, Samsung tablets have always been in great demand in the wholesale tablets and retail market. They are now announcing three high-end tablets that are focused on productivity. Windows 10 OS powers two of the new tablets announced by Samsung, but the most mainstream one is powered by Android operating system, and is named Samsung Galaxy Tab S3. Galaxy Tab S3 is the direct successor of the Galaxy Tab S2 and features a very slim design. Much like their Galaxy range of…

Wholesale Tablets

A For Artiste: Reviewing Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Now that the stylus is bundled, you wouldn’t have to hop around in search of a tablet distributor for a stylus. Among other things, this can be great news for an aspiring digital artiste, whose thrive for perfection can be cunning. The side bezel of the Galaxy Tab A offers a secret slot for storing the stylus. Exploring the Galaxy of Features Downloading a virtual canvas from the Samsung app store is child’s play. The combination of the stylus and the drawing application (canvas) works with pressure sensitivity. What artists would want the most is draw a picture on the…