August 2017

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Hidden Features in Android Nougat to Delight Tablet Users

With a few upgraded features and tweaks, experiencing the Nougat Android tablets would be something more peaceful than before. Users know about the split-screen feature and direct reply message in the latest Android OS, but there are some hidden features in Android Nougat as well, which give users better accessibility and control. Below are three of them. Tweak Font Size Interfacing with a larger font size would give better legibility in Nougat Android tablets, where decreasing the font size would be ideal for some users. Go to Display > Display Size and swipe in the Preview Pane to alter the…

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How to Troubleshoot FaceTime Issues on your iPad

The FaceTime app on Apple devices requires an established broadband or Wi-Fi connection to work seamlessly. However, users could still face call drops on FaceTime when the receiver doesn’t have FaceTime installed or the receivers’ country or carrier doesn’t support FaceTime. Countries namely Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and UAE including Dubai may not support FaceTime app on the Apple devices, so users should check for that. With that kept aside, if you try to switch from a FaceTime VoIP to a standard phone call, you may experience a temporary call drop. In case none of the above things apply to you…

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Simple Solutions to Android Lollipop Problems

Android Lollipop, also called as Android 5.1, has reportedly brought some problems with it, but many of these issues can be solved very easily. Some of the common Android Lollipop issues and their simple fixes are explained below. Issues in Wi-Fi Connectivity Android 5.1 update has introduced some issues in the Wi-Fi connectivity of many Android devices especially Samsung devices. If you find that the Wi-Fi of your Android tablet is acting up after the Lollipop update, you can try the usual solutions like toggling the Airplane Mode, forgetting and then reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network, rebooting the tablet, restarting…