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5 Simple Benefits of Having a Tablet

Android tablet

With the advances in technology, tablets are able to have both the functions of a computer and a cell phone. You can complete both your working and entertainment on an android tablet. With the growing competition, tablets are launched with unique and new features just to gather the attention of the audience of waiting consumers.

With the increasing trend of tablet sales, many people, especially Gen Z’s  own a tablet due to its large benefits and variety of uses. Tablets help not only in education or work purposes but also provide entertainment benefits, more convenient to handle than the computers as you can keep them in your bag and go anywhere. The following are the 5 benefits of having a tablet.

Educational Tool:

The prime most benefit of having a tablet is that these work as an educational tool. In the modern world, students are the most likely to make a purchase of a tablet. Something like an Android tablet with a 9” screen helps you in searching for educational data and information. You can download research, papers or even books to it, used as an e-library. It is very beneficial and creates a huge advantage for students, who choose not to physically buy the expensive an heavy textbooks.

The tablet can also provide you an opportunity to write assignments and make presentations, students can keep the tablet in their bags and can read books in their spare time just to save their time and move onto other activities.Android tablet


Entertainment is one of the major reasons for which tablets are bought. After making a purchase, download the entertainment apps like Netflix. Netflix is an app that provides a large variety of TV shows, movies, and web series in different languages. You need a subscription for many of these streaming apps and then enjoy a whole series in high quality with popcorn.


The youngsters, especially boys love digital games. The high-quality screen of the tablet makes the appeal of the game even more interesting, along with a high storage capacity, so you can download multiple games at one time. The large screen, HD quality, great sound effects are the other features that the average gamer demands and these can all can be fulfilled by having a tablet.

The android tablet 9” screen will help in providing a larger screen area than a cell phone. This will make players feel good and more energetic when engaging with the game. Many games like Candy Crush, PUBG, temple run are on everyone’s  phones and can easily be downloaded the games on the tablet and enjoy it.

Source of Communication:

The world is growing so fast that you do not have to wait long to communicate with your loved ones who are living across town of in other countries. In the past letters or expensive long distance  phone calls were used as a source of communication. Today you can just download video calling apps and you can chat with them easily and at little to no-cost. Video calling apps help you also see your loved ones and friends while chatting that is even more beautiful. You do not need to pay extra for this, just download free apps.

Business and Work Helper:

Tablets, along with education and entertainment, provide assistance to your day job. If you are a professor and have to make lectures and presentations, then it can easily be done on tablets. The office workers can also make their work on it and can edit at any time anywhere.