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How to Check the Tablet’s Battery Life?

best new tablets

When you think about buying the best new tablets for anything you want to do with it, you have to take certain things into consideration. Many people just look for the outer design of the tablet; some want the best specifications, especially the memory of the tablet, while some just want a tablet that can entertain them when they have some free time. 

This article is mainly about the one point you must keep in mind while buying the best new tablets so that you won’t regret buying them. This is something that people think about least, yet it is very important to consider. This is about the battery life of the tablet. Keep reading and learn how you can check the quality of the battery in a tablet. 


  • Check Percentage in Status Bar


When you buy the best android tablets from anywhere in the market from any brand, you could ask them to open it once and show you. You can then turn it on by putting your SIM card in it. After this, all you have to do is to check the battery on the status bar.

You can do this in another way by going to the setting application of the tablet, click on the option that is named “battery”, and then turn on the battery on the status bar. This will let you know how much charge there is. 


  • Check Battery Life and Use


This option is used for detailed information about the battery of the tablet. You can simply do the same as above by clicking on to the setting application of the phone. It will show you the option of “battery” that will tell you the details.

You can get the information in graphical form in which the graph will illustrate to you how much charge you have left in your tablet right now, and how long it is going to last. You can even use the option of battery usage for this purpose. 


  • Observe Time when Fully Charge


Besides using the options mentioned above, you can do something on your own as well. All you have to do is to keep an eye on the battery drop after you have fully charged it. You will then be able to know how many hours it took to finish.


When you go out to buy the new android tablets, you may feel overwhelmed with the options. However, if you want a quality gadget, you must be conscious about specifications. Among them the battery life of the tablet is very important; this can create many problems when you start using it. Try to test and check it before buying by using the options given above.