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How to turn off tracking sensors on Android 10?

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This latest operating system has built-in tracking sensors to track your location. Fortunately, it is possible to turn on/off these sensors as per your convenience.

With these sensors, location tracking becomes a handy choice. It seems convenient because an app can tell you about the nearest gas station or restaurant. Some people may not like this tracking because of privacy issues. If you want to turn these sensors off on android 10, see these options.

Access Developer Options

In the first step, open “Settings app” and choose “About android Phone” and seven times press “Build number”. Once you are done, a message will appear informing you are now a developer. Now type in “PIN” once prompted an unlocked an additional setting menu “Developer Options”.

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Activate the Sensor Toggle

Click on “System” from the “Settings app”, select “advanced” and choose “Developer options”. Scroll down and choose quick developer settings tiles. It is time to enable the toggle “Next” to “Sensors Off” and instantly see new toggles in Quick Settings.

After tapping on “Sensors Off” button, you may turn off the compass, gyroscope, proximity sensor, accelerometer and different other sensors. Remember, this setting will not affect GPS, Wi-Fi, and Bluetooth. These features have their toggles. Once sensors are turned off, all features that rely on these sensors will not work.

Stop Tracking from Google

Google may track your movements and location through Google Maps. Moreover, android tablet is tacking your activities and actions through other integrated apps. You can stop tracking feature or a built-in tracking app. You will not realize that devices can track your location. To stop Google tracking through a browser, you can follow these instructions:

  • Type in 
  • Choose “Activity Controls” in the left-hand menu.
  • Move down to check numerous activities and select everything that you want to turn off.

In the list, you may find different options, such as location history, web and app activity and voice and audio activity. Feel free to delete information of a device. Make sure to delete watch and search history of YouTube.

Google Tracking on Android Devices

Remember, you can stop Google tracking on android devices. Here are some easy steps for everyone:

  • Open “Settings” and find “Accounts”. Click on Google.
  • If you see one or more listed accounts, click on an account as per your choice.
  • Click on “Google Account”.
  • Move down to “manage data and personalization” and choose it.
  • Check under “Activity controls” and turn it off or you can pause the monitoring of different activities. 

For granular control of different activities, move down and choose “Manage activity controls”. Feel free to delete the record of your past activities. If you want to monitor your activities, check “My Activity” page. Every category allows you to explore additional options.