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How to Configure and Use Cortana on your Tablet

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Configure And Use Cortana

Cortana is Microsoft’s version of digital personal assistant inspired from the iconic character in its hit computer video game Halo. Released to compete with Apple’s Siri and Google Now, Microsoft has stepped up its game when they made Cortana available to Android devices.

Cortana for Android opens up a completely new world of possibilities using your tablet. It is an advanced form of voice-operated digital assistant that you can rely upon to quickly accomplish many of the tasks using your tablet. With Cortana, you can carry out many tasks such as organizing your calendar, setting alarms, scheduling events, and much more. Below is how to configure and use Cortana on your tablet.

Personalizing Cortana using Notebook

Like all other digital assistants, Cortana also requires customizing it by inputting your information. This will help Cortana to better understand you and thereby offer you the best services tailored for your needs. Using the Notebook feature allows you to feed Cortana with the type of information, services, and updates that you want to see on your tablet.

To personalize Cortana, tap on the three-line menu located at the top left corner and select Notebook. This will display numerous options that you can configure to help Cortana know more about you. You can update your personal information in the About Me tab, then tap on the different topics, and toggle their switches to allow Cortana to keep you updated about those topics.

Configuring Settings

The Settings option allows you to additionally configure many of the features of Cortana. You can skip the legal and service agreements displayed and get on with setting up Cortana. One important feature that you can enable in Settings is Missed Call Notifications. When you tick and enable this feature, Cortana will inform you when your device has missed calls.

Another useful setting is the Cortana voice shortcut, which you enable to place it on your home screen. This will appear like an app and allows you to use Cortana faster without going to the app drawer each time. By tapping on this icon on the home screen, you can then give voice commands to Cortana easily. Besides, you can individually configure numerous other settings for Cortana.

The Home section is the major part of Cortana that you can use to search anything or carry out a task by either voice commands or typing in the field. You can use Cortana to perform any tasks like making phone calls and messages, setting reminders and alarms, search for content, and display information related to weather, traffic, etc. You can ask Cortana to accomplish various tasks by tapping on the microphone or text section.