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How to Take Printouts from an apple iPad via AirPrint

IPad Tablets

Printouts Through AirPrint

If multiple printers are connected to the wireless network, make sure you choose the right printer available from the list of connected AirPrint printers. Only for the first time of printing, you will need to configure the compatible printer and from there on, the iOS will show that printer when connected to wireless just like in computers.

You can take printouts of photos, emails, documents, or the Safari web pages in new iPad tablets, refurbished iPads, or Apple iPhone via the AirPrint feature in iOS or in Mac devices with AirPrint support. Below explains how to take printouts from an Apple iPad via AirPrint.

Configuring Printer and Printing via AirPrint

To print the content in an application, open the app and tap on the Share icon denoted by an arrow. If you are unable to find the Print option in the app, then go the app’s help menu to see if AirPrint is compatible with the app that you are trying to print. From there on, the steps to configure the printer and take printouts in iPad tablets is basic – just select the compatible printer from available printers in a wireless network, choose the number of copies you want, and then tap on Print in the upper-right corner of the iPad’s screen.

An AirPrint-compatible printer that is connected to a wireless network at the office and the app, the printer firmware, and the iOS device should be up-to-date for AirPrint to work seamlessly. Further, you cannot use Bluetooth or USB portal for printing via AirPrint but an Ethernet connection shall be established for that.

Printing via Third Party Apps

If you do not have an AirPrint-compatible printer, worry not, there are still ways to take printouts of contents in iPad tablets. Third party applications will have to be configured with iOS, and some apps will make you take trial prints while configuring to ensure alignment and AirPrint works.

If you have just restarted the printer, you may happen to see No AirPrint Printers Found when you try to print, but wait for a while for the printer to establish wireless connectivity. Most branded printers support AirPrint – some call it ePrint and others call it iPrint – but they all support AirPrint feature and work pretty much the same basic way.