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Simple Solutions to Android Lollipop Problems

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Android Lollipop Problems

Android Lollipop, also called as Android 5.1, has reportedly brought some problems with it, but many of these issues can be solved very easily. Some of the common Android Lollipop issues and their simple fixes are explained below.

Issues in Wi-Fi Connectivity

Android 5.1 update has introduced some issues in the Wi-Fi connectivity of many Android devices especially Samsung devices. If you find that the Wi-Fi of your Android tablet is acting up after the Lollipop update, you can try the usual solutions like toggling the Airplane Mode, forgetting and then reconnecting to the Wi-Fi network, rebooting the tablet, restarting the Wi-Fi router, and switching the Wi-Fi frequency bands.

Video Playback Bug

Owners of Nexus 7 have reported some issues and bugs with video playback after the Lollipop update. These users reported that the issue is not restricted to any particular app, although some did complain about the YouTube app. In other cases, any app that makes use of the default video player of Android suffered from playback issues. If you are having issues with the YouTube app, you need to go to Settings, select Apps, and go to YouTube. You can clear the app cache and check if the issue is resolved; else, you will need to uninstall and reinstall the app.

Bluetooth Issues

Bluetooth issues are especially reported with the latest Nexus models. The recommended fix may appear too simple to be true, but users have reported that simply turning off the feature and turning it on again works. If that does not fix the issue, you can clear the device cache by going to Settings, choosing Applications > All > Bluetooth Sharing, and then tapping on Clear Cache.

GPS problems

Issues in the working of GPS are very rare with the Lollipop update, but still a portion of users has been experiencing issues with GPS connectivity after the Android OS update. One of the best solutions to fix GPS issues is to do a factory reset of the device, but if you do not wish to perform a factory reset of the device, you can try charging the location mode from GPS settings.

You need to set the location mode to High Accuracy to fix the issue. If the location mode is already in High Accuracy, you can change it to a different mode and then change it back to the High Accuracy mode.