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Top 5 Instant Messaging Apps for your Tablet

The big display of a tablet is very useful for typing and sending out messages. It is far better than the confined text input area of smartphones that leads to occasional typing errors and mistakes. In a tablet, however, you will find that the large display makes typing much easy just as you do on a desktop PC or a laptop.

There many apps available for messaging and many of them are growing in popularity. Instant messaging is the new trend and there are numerous apps available for the purpose too. You can use these apps to communicate with your friends, family, colleagues, or workmates instantly via text messages. In fact, these apps are easy to use and save you carrier charges that otherwise goes for sending a normal text message.

Below is a list of the top 5 instant messaging apps for your tablet. Note that some of these apps work on both Android and iOS devices, but you might have to check the compatibility of the app before trying to download and install one.


One of the most popular and downloaded apps, WhatsApp took instant messaging to a new level with its innovative features. Available in the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, it is much easy to setup and use WhatsApp messenger. Besides the messages being delivered to the recipients instantly, it also has several other features like voice calling and video chat. Moreover, you can rest assured that your messages are secured with the end-to-end encryption offered by WhatsApp.


WeChat is yet another top instant messaging app that you can install on your tablet for free. It comes with numerous features like video calling, voice calling, and messaging. One of the notable features of WeChat is ‘Moments’ that gives you the option to share your favorite moments and memories in photos and videos. The ‘Friends Radar’ feature can scan your surrounding areas for those using WeChat so you can connect with them.


IMO is a robust and reliable instant messaging platform that you can use on your Android tablet. It was initially an IM client, which has transformed into the app as it appears today. IMO is known for its free voice and video calling feature along with its instant messaging feature amongst your contacts and other groups. It is a good app overall to text or calls your friends or family.


Snapchat is another popular instant messaging app that you can install on your tablet. Besides its instant messaging service, it has other exceptional features unlike other apps like live video conversations with selected friends. Moreover, the company also claims that all the video messages are enabled for viewing for only 10 seconds before they are permanently deleted from their servers.


Another popular instant messaging app that you can install on your Android tablet is Line. It also offers free voice and video calls that allow you to communicate with your friends effortlessly. Besides, Line has various other features like stickers, which you can use when sending a text message, and a news feed that will inform your friend’s whereabouts and status.