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Top Paid Apps for Android Tablets

Cheap Android Tablets

Top Paid Apps

For Android tablets, the availability of numerous apps is one of its major advantages. The Play Store is a mixture of both free and paid apps, with most users downloading the free apps. Paid apps have numerous benefits over free apps as it offers the users with the full version of the applications and its functions. For cheap Android tablets, using paid apps is the best way to enjoy the full benefits offered by them and to bring out the true potential of the device.

The apps are available to the users at reasonable prices and provide the users with extended facilities and options, unlike the free version. Below are some of the best paid apps available in the Play Store for your Android tablet.


ANDY is Android’s version of the Siri feature found in Apple’s iPhone and it offers the users with voice controlled access to the tablet’s various features. It is available in the Play Store for $2.99 along with a free version. Users can give in voice commands to direct ANDY to do something like sending text messages, search something online, or get directions to some place. This voice-controlled interface is most suitable for hands-free use such as when driving.

My Backup Pro

My Backup Pro is a paid app available in the Play Store that allows the user in scheduling the backup of the tablet’s data to either online servers or the storage options in the tablet’s memory. Available for download at a price of $3.99, My Backup Pro is also available to the users as a 30-day trial version. The free version comes with a limited amount of online storage while additional storage space requires paying additional monthly fees.

Car Dashboard Pro

Car Dashboard Pro is another useful app available in the Play Store that can function as a speedometer and car Home screen. The apps monitor the location, speed, and altitude of the vehicle, and even provides warning signals to the user if he/she exceeds the given speed limits. Car Dashboard Pro is available for download for $1.99.

Flight View Elite Flight Tracker

Flight View Elite Flight Tracker is another popular paid Android app that provides the user with the ability to access real-time status of airline flights and tracking them. Moreover, it also allows one to view the departures, schedules, and information regarding any flight delays. This app is available for download for a price of $3.99 and comes as a free Lite version as well.