Transferring Files between your Android Tablet and PC

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Ever since its introduction, the Android operating system has become the most widely used platform for a variety of devices like smartphones and tablets. It can support a large number of devices and is much affordable compared to other platforms. However, the newly rolled out releases of Android are different from the previous versions. This makes the operations and functions provided through them also different.

The method for transferring files between the tablet and a computer is different in the Ice Cream Sandwich version than it is in the newly released editions. However, you can use the following steps for transferring files between your tablet and computer through a USB cable.

Transferring Files from the Tablet

The first step is to connect your Android tablet to the PC with a USB cable. Wait for the computer to automatically recognize it as an MTP device. The Auto Play window will appear and select the Open Device option to view files using Windows Explorer. If the Auto Play option does not appear, open My Computer to see the list of connected devices. Click on your tablet that appears on the list to access it.

When copying files, it is necessary to check the amount of free space available. This can be done by right clicking on your phone and selecting Properties. Now open another Windows Explorer window to easily aid in copying the files between both the windows. Select the multiple files that you want to transfer and drag it to the windows explorer window to transfer them to your tablet.

You should be careful while moving into the phones storage, as many of the folders present in it are crucial for the working of your tablet. Tampering with them in any way can cause your tablet to work improperly. After successfully transferring this file to your tablet, close all the windows and safely disconnect the USB cable from the computer.

In case your device fails in recognizing by your PC, it may require manually changing the settings. To correct this open Settings and select the storage option. Navigate to the top right corner and open the USB computer connection option to view the connection types.

There exist two configurations for USB connection – Media Device (MTP) and Camera (PTP). When the MTP setting is selected, it will enable using your tablet as a media device. On the other hand, the PTP camera setting will prompt your tablet to identify your device as a camera. It is best suited for transferring photos and videos.