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Tricks to Try Out in Android Tablets Ft. Android Oreo

Android Tablets

Android Oreo Tricks

Google has continued the tradition of naming Android versions after a confectionery and Android Oreo looks promising on paper thus far. As of now, Android Oreo is available in specified Pixel devices and Google Nexus devices only. However, Google has promised that Android Oreo is going to arrive in most of the Android tablets soon. Knowing Android Oreo settings listed below will be helpful for you when the Android Oreo update surfaces eventually.

Enhanced Security Settings

Google is promoting the Google Play Protect feature with the launch of Android Oreo, although the feature would be rolling out via Google Play Services as well to the older versions of Android devices. Google Play Protect scans installed apps on your Android tablets for malware and sends malware notifications if it spots anything suspicious so that you take prompt action to clear it. You can navigate to Settings > Google > Security to see if your device already has Google Play Protect as yet.

Syncing Data across Android Devices

Chrome has synchronized sensitive data across Android devices thus far, but Android Oreo is going to expand that feature with the all-new AutoFill feature. With your permission, AutoFill will allow the synchronization of app logins, card details, addresses, and other contact info in between Android devices and also inside the apps. For instance, LastPass Password Manager is one of the free apps to support AutoFill in Nexus devices ft. Android Oreo.

Playing Around with Octopus

Gaming has been a permanent fixture in all versions of Android. Navigate to Settings > System > About Tablet and then tap on the build number several times until you see the Android O. Then, tap on the Android O symbol for a few seconds to launch the Android Octopus app on your Android device. The Octopus will float around the screen of your device for a while until the puzzle game launches. Octopus is similar to the Easter Egg games seen in older versions of Android.

Using the New Camera Shortcuts

The camera app featuring in Android Oreo includes a couple of minor tricks and knowing them will make a difference to your photography skills. In Android Oreo, you can simply double-tap on the screen to zoom-in 50 percent and in addition, you can switch video and photo modes by tapping on the camera shortcuts in Android Oreo.