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Discussing the Rise of Tablet PCs

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Are you eager to buy cheap tablets computer? If your answer is yes, then it is essential to have some background information about tablets as well. When we look back to 2010, we realize that tablet computers did not exist at that point.

PDA’s and Smartphones were the only devices that made use of the concept of a touchscreen. At that time, Apple was able to bring about a revolution in the iPhone mobile market. Apple introduced the concept of a well-engineered iPhone.

However, it seemed impossible to expand the concept of the iPhone to a tablet at that point.

Issues with which the tablet technology struggled

Initially it was a challenge to come up with suitable operating systems for the tablet. What Microsoft did was that they tried to implement the full version of Windows on PDAs. However, the results were disastrous.

It is essential to mention that Apple came up with quality software that could offer value to the tablet market. The software that Apple introduced aligned with the technology put to use in tablets.

Google then followed suit. It introduced the Android open-source operating system. Users had the freedom to customize this software as per their requirements. There is no denying the fact that the Android OS became a strong competitor for Apple.

Apple was finally able to release its first iOS tablet by making use of its iOS software. The main objective of Apple was to offer cheap tablet computers to its users

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Apple releases its first tablet

When Apple launched the first tablet they had an edge due to their software. The software utilized in the tablet did have some weaknesses. However, it was sufficient to run the hardware. Initially the tablet did not have a high definition screen.

Apple inspired other manufacturers to come up with their cheap tablet computers. It took these manufacturers a few months to introduce their tablets into the market. Apple did enjoy a lead in the tablet market because they didn’t have to face a lot of competition.

The exciting part is that tablet technology gradually experienced improvement. The iPad 2 was released in late 2010. What made this tablet so exciting was that it had a new design, and it had some outstanding features as well.

The iPad 2 had to face some tough competition in the cheap tablet computers market when Google released Android 3. The best part was that Google specifically created the OS for tablets, and it offered an improved user experience.

In late 2010, Microsoft also released Windows 7 that aligned well with some of the tablets. What is important to mention here is that tablet technology was improving with every passing day. Now you will come across loads of options when you search the market with the keyword cheap tablet computers.