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5 Best Android File Manager Apps to Manage your Work from a Tablet

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Give priority to your pocket book by looking for the cheap tablets for sale under $50. Ensure to get the most popular and beneficial apps on your tablets so that you can enjoy smoothness in your life. One such category includes the file manager apps. These are quite fabulous as these are multi-functional. You can enjoy browsing for files which you need at a particular place or time. Likewise, you get the ability to download a plethora of important files, as well. Not only this, but it has great storage space as well.

The rapid ability to search through all of the required files makes file manager apps to be amazingly useful. Let us have a glance at the Android file manager apps, which you should consider for your cheap tablet.

Explorer/ Root Explorer:

The fabulous feature associated with this file manager app is that the user enjoys updates and improvements on a frequent basis. How? The app keeps on updating itself, with each new update, you can enjoy different sorts of impressive features, brilliant interface, and more stability. There are various tools supported by the app, which include MD% support, APK binary XML viewer, etc.

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Total Commander:

Here comes one of the most brilliant and useful file manager apps which you can choose for your cheap tablets. It is none other than the Total Commander, this app is one of the most likable, desirable, and highly rated apps out there. This powerful file manager app contains a lot of exciting features, which include text editor, bookmarks, plugin support, cloud storage support, and network storage support. This app becomes the favorite of users in no time.

X-Plore File Manager:

This is one of the unique apps that let you manage files properly and rapidly. This dual pane app lets you quickly copy and paste the files. A huge deal of storage formats is being supported by the X-Plore file manager app which includes network storage, cloud storage, root support. Not only this, but this amazing file manager app also supports a built-in text editor as well. There exists a single downside regarding the X-Plore file manager which is about its appearance, which looks a bit outdated.

MK Explorer:

You may also choose to have MK Explorer on your cheap tablets. This amazing file manager app is quite easy to use. People loving simplicity should rush to download it. When it comes to the interface of MK Explorer, then it seems to have the Material Design interface, popular  features of this app include roost access, SD Card support, delete, copy, and paste.

One of the worthiest features to be mentioned is that it supports 20 languages.  This app is basically recommended for the tablets of older versions.

FX File Explorer:

Consider the FX File Explorer for download on your cheap tablet, this elegant and inspiring app contains all the necessary features in it. These include support for multi-window and media files. In addition to this, it supports the encrypted archived files. The user will also relish the amazing support for network storage, as well.