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Fixing Installation Issues of Android Nougat

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Fixing Installation Issues

Many of the Android tablet models available these days are powered by the Android Nougat operating system. However, it is seen that many users of cheap Android tablets have faced issues while trying to install the Android Nougat update in their tablet. Some possible solutions of Android Nougat installation issues are discussed below. Try the below solutions to fix all issues that you face while trying to install the Android Nougat operating system.

Installation Issues

Are you finding it difficult to install the Android Nougat update in the tablet that you have recently bought from an online tablet distributor? If so, do not worry as the steps shared here can help you finish the installation successfully. The first thing is to ensure that the tablet is charged fully and connected to a Wi-Fi network before trying to download the update. After connecting the device to the network, you will have the patiently wait for the update to download and install. After the installation, the tablet will reboot and it might take some time to boot up.

This is quite normal, so wait until the device boots up normally. However, if the device hangs at the boot screen, you might need to wipe the system cache in Recovery mode. To do this, you will need to hold down the Power, Home and Volume Up buttons together. When you do so, the device will power on and you will see the logo of the tablet manufacturer popping up on the screen. When the recovery menu is displayed on the screen, select Wipe Cache Partition from the menu using the Volume buttons. You can press the Power button to wipe the partition.

Restart the tablet and try to install the update once again. You will be able to install the update without any issues. If you are still facing issues with the installation, you will need to perform a factory reset of the tablet. However, before performing a factory reset, you will need to backup the data stored in it, as all the data stored in the memory of the tablet will be erased while performing a factory reset.

After the factory reset of the tablet, you can download and install the Android Nougat update on the device without any issues. Once the update is finished successfully, you can restore the saved data and install all the apps and programs that you need on your Android tablet.