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How to Setup and Configure Apple Pay in your iPad

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Configure Apple Pay

Apple Pay is a service that lets you pay for the products you purchase from stores that support NFC technology. First available for iPhones, Apple Pay was then eventually offered to the iPad recently. However, Apple Pay is available only for iPad Air 2 and iPad Mini 3, as these two models feature a touch ID sensor and NFC technology. Besides, the iPad should also contain the latest version iOS such as 8.1 or later and Touch ID set-up.

By using Apple Pay, you can easily make purchases from the App Store and other participating stores. Moreover, you can add about eight credit cards onto your iPad on Apple Pay for seamless transactions. Below is how to setup and configure Apple Pay on your iPad.

Setting up Apple Pay

  • Go to Settings > Passbook and Apple Pay and tap on the Add Credit or Debit Card Add all the information about the credit or debit cards that you wish to include in Apple Pay.
  • For using Apple Pay to make a purchase, press the Apply Pay button and verify the payment information displayed. Use Touch ID to complete the purchase using Apple Pay.

Adding a Card to Apple Pay

  • Open the Settings app > Wallet and Apple Pay and select the Add Credit or Debit Card Several steps will be displayed on the screen now. Follow them carefully to add your new credit or debit card into Apple Pay.
  • Tap on the Next option, which will then initiate a verification from your bank whether you can add your card into Apple Pay. After that, go to Settings > Wallet and Apple Pay and tap on the card that you have added.
  • Select the Next option after verification process is completed by your bank. You can now start using Apple Pay to make payments.

Removing a Card from Apple Pay

You can also remove any of your credit or debit card from Apple Pay. This is helpful if you have lost or canceled your card and opted for a new one. For this, go to Settings > Wallet and Apple Pay and tap and hold on the card that you wish to remove from Apple Pay. Select the Remove Card option to remove your card from Apple Pay.