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5 Necessary Apps to Install on a New iPad

You might have just bought a new iPad and might be looking forward to a great experience using it. Obviously, you will need a few apps to enhance the experience of using an iPad tablet. Besides, such apps can turn your iPad into an infotainment source or a productivity machine depending on your preferences.

The Apple App Store consists of a good selection of user-friendly apps that can increase the functionality and productivity of the device. Most of these apps are available for free; however, you can get a paid version of some apps as well to better enjoy their services. Below are five necessary apps to install on a new iPad.


Flipboard is one great app designed specifically for iPads. Flipboard is a digital magazine that consists of an excellent mix of news, stories, and articles sourced from the app’s team. It even allows you to receive the shares from your social media profiles. Besides, the app included a new magazine creation feature that you can use to create your own collection and follow your favorite topics.

iA Writer

The minimalist text editor, iA Writer is another necessary app to install on your new iPad. Its minimal design allows you to type without any distractions of menus or other formatting options. It can be easily synched with the iCloud and Dropbox for sharing files and folders across different platforms. With iA Writer, you can create and edit text effortlessly, making it a must-needed productivity app for your iPad.


As the iPad does not contain a built-in calculator app, you can download the PCalc calculator app to deal with any of your calculations. It can also carry out numerous other tasks such as unit conversions, binary or hexadecimal code and scientific notations. The simple interface also lets you carry out quick calculations and is customizable too.


Spark is an innovatively designed video recorder and editor app that you can install on your new iPad. With this app, you trim the starting and ending point of the video clip effortlessly. The order in which the clips are played can also be changed easily by dragging and dropping them. In addition, Spark allows you to add various effects like filters and background music to your video clips.


If you are a music buff, then the streaming app Spotify is essential for your new iPad. It is one of the best music streaming apps available out there, and consists of a library of more than 20 million songs. You can easily choose among your favorite artists, tracks, and albums, and add them to a playlist by using the Spotify app on your iPad.