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Converting your Android Tablet into a PC

Tablet PC Wholesale

Tablet Wholesale

Tablets are becoming more powerful with the latest devices in the segment, packed with cutting edge features to rival other devices. The debate on whether tablets will eventually replace laptops in productivity continues even now.

Android tablets scores higher in this case though, because it provides more accessibility and flexibility to the users. Although it stands below high-end models like Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro 2, Android tablet devices offer many other possibilities. Rather than relying on a laptop, using the simple tips mentioned below can help you in emulating your tablet for use like a PC.

Windows Style Launcher

In order to make your tablet look like a PC, it is necessary to make it look like having a Windows interface. There are some apps available on Play Store, which will help you create this look. SquareHome 2 is one such good app that can convert the tablet interface just like that of Windows UI. For emulating the looks of PC, this kind of apps are the best way, even though they provide very limited functionality.

Adding Peripherals

Addition of peripherals like mouse and keyboard is the best way to make your Android tablet functional and appear like a PC. They are available in both Bluetooth and wired versions of mouse and keyboards that you can use. For wired mouse and keyboard, a USB receiver of the peripheral along with an OTG cable would be required.

Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft’s PC version of its Office software is available for tablets too. It can be downloaded free via the Play Store and is an excellent alternative to Google’s Office suite. Just like in a PC, this program allows you to create documents, spreadsheets, and presentations on your tablet and save them on the cloud.

Multitask Option

Windows OS offers multitasking across all its compatible personal computing devices. This can be done similarly on an Android tablet using many such apps available on the Google Play Store. They can enable multitasking on your tablet by providing the ability to run many applications side by side at a time.

You also have many useful small applications like stopwatches, paint, system information, etc. in the Play Store, which would make your Android device much more like a home computer.