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EBooks Reading Tips for Samsung Galaxy Tab

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Samsung Galaxy Tab

There are two ways to read books from your Samsung Galaxy Tab. One is to simply launch a PDF through the default reader and the other option is to download a new eBook reader from the Play Store. Both have their own merits, and reading depends heavily on the file format and the features in the reader app. Here are some tips to make reading easy.

Kindle for Samsung with PDF or Mobi

The most prominent file format for eBooks “epub” was present in the previous app “Reader’s Hub”, but not on the latest default app that is Kindle for Samsung. For normal users, that changeover means one would have to be persistent with either the default app or those downloaded from external sources. There is no Reader’s Hub anymore so you can take time off and transfer the older books in epub format to the pdf or mobi format.

Independent vs. Platform based eBook Readers

To download, all you have to do is access the “Books & References” category in the Play Store, where both independent and platform based apps are listed. Some may prefer reading from the cloud platform, whereas others would want a stable reading experience from the device. To do that on the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you need either a DRM copyright free book or a paid Adobe DRM.

Device Storage vs. Cloud Storage

Techies would find a way to keep a collection of their preferred books. However, the plausibility of downloading hundreds of eBooks would make you wonder where to maintain the library. Storing in the Cloud helps to access either from the Samsung Galaxy Tab or through a personal computer.

Another great benefit of reading from the cloud is that you may close the book and then land on the exact page where you have left. That is what they call synchronized reading procedure, not that habitual readers are unaware of the term.

Of the independent reading apps, only the Moon+ Reader lets you store in Dropbox account. At the end of the day, you are only going to read one book at a time. So this might not be that bad for a feature.