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How to Disable the Geotagging Feature in Refurbished Tablets

Refurbished Tablets

Disable The Geotagging Feature

Geotagging feature will add location whereabouts on the photos taken on your tablet. Firstly, open the photo having tags, tap on Menu, and then tap on the three horizontal dots to the right corner of the screen. From there, navigate to Details so that you can see all details regarding the photo having tags and location coordinates. Then tap on Show On Map option to see the location from where you took the photo.

This is the first step to know whether geo-tags exists on a photo, but there are more steps to follow to disable the Geotagging in Android as listed below.

  • Open the Camera app and then choose Settings to disable Geotagging feature in Android.
  • From Settings, scroll down until you see Geo Tags on the device’s screen.

In some android devices, you may see the Geo Tags only after tapping on the gear icon. Once you tap on the gear icon that denotes settings, a windowpane will pop up prompting you to disable Location Tags. Once the prompt appears, tap on Off to disable the tagging the next time you capture a photograph on Android refurbished tablets.

Geotagging will let you take photos and later embed dates time and location on the photo. Sometimes, geo tags come enabled by default in some Android devices. However, when you share photos having geo tags to an online social media handle, a privacy breach may occur in the process.

Go to Google Play Store and download GeoBye-Bye app to remove the photos having default location tags one by one. Note that you need not buy GeoBye-Bye to disable location tags from photos containing in Android refurbished tablets, as it is available in the free version too.

Open the GeoBye-Bye launcher, and then tap on plus icon located on the bottom part of the screen. Then select your image viewer app when the GeoBye-Bye prompts. Subsequently, open the photo having location tags from either Gallery or Google Photos image viewer.

GeoBye-Bye will warn you This Photo Contains Location Data once you select an image. Click on the crossed tag icon to the left side of the GeoBye-Bye app and then choose Clear. Once the location tags get clears, the app will show Completed Removing Geotag. Now You Can Share.