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How to Fix Issues with the Rotation Lock Feature of iPad

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The ability of the iPad screen to rotate is one of the neat features of the device. This feature allows a user to seamlessly move from browsing the internet in portrait mode to watching movies and shows in landscape mode. However, the auto rotate feature may not work at times, and this can be really frustrating to the user. Yet again, you do not need to worry, as this is an easy problem to fix. Here is how.

Fixing the Problem

You should understand that not all the iPad apps have the ability to rotate screen. This means that if you are inside of an iPad app, you should click on the Home button of the iPad to take you to the main screen. You can try rotating the device now and if it rotates, you can make sure that it is the app, not the iPad screen, which is not rotating.

If the screen is not rotating even after quitting the app, the iPad screen may be locked on the current orientation. This can be fixed by going to the Control Center of the iPad.

  • Swipe from the bottom edge of the iPad to its top to open control center. Make sure that you start your finger where the screen meets the bezel. You will be able to see the control panel appear before your finger reaches half of the iPad screen.
  • In the Control Center, find the rotation button. The rotation button will be the last one in the row of buttons that start with an airplane button. The rotation lock button will have a round arrow around lock symbol. If you find that this button is highlighted, you need to tap it to turn the feature off.
  • Now you will be able to rotate the iPad screen now, but you should understand that the screen would not rotate with Control Center Therefore, you will need to close the Control Center by clicking on the Home button of the iPad or by sliding a finger down the screen starting from the top.

These are the steps to turn off rotation lock feature of your iPad device. You should understand that if you have an older iPad model, the operating system might not be updated. Try updating the OS if the above steps do not work.