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Troubleshoots to Fix Unknown Errors on iTunes

IPad Tablets

Fix Unknown Errors

The iTunes installed in the Mac OS or Windows PC lets you synchronize data to iPad tablets through an established USB connection. When iTunes doesn’t recognize the other device, however, you may happen to notice a “0xE” error on your device that denotes established connection breaks. iTunes can be of great help to troubleshoot errors in your iPad, and so you need to fix iTunes and make sure it is in top shape to deal with your iPad issues.

To troubleshoot the iTunes error, ensure you have the latest version of iTunes installed in the system. In addition, ensure you have the latest Windows or Mac OS version installed in the computer that is compatible with iTunes. If the error persists, follow the below steps to troubleshoot and make your Apple iPad connect with the iTunes.

For MAC Users

Grab a hold of the Option key on iMac, click the Apple Menu that pops up, and then choose System Information or System Report. After that, select the Hardware menu to access the USB Device tree. There, you would see the iPad devices listed, but to see that, you should connect the iPad to the Mac through USB.

Sometimes, the USB driver may cause the iTunes error message to pop up on Mac. Tap on the Apple iPad or iPhone and uninstall any third-party USB driver on the device. Now see if your iTunes issues are fixed.

For Windows PC Users

First up, disconnect the iPad tablet from Windows PC. If iTunes pops up when you connect the Apple iPad, close it instantly. Then, navigate to My Computer > Local Disk (C) > Program Files > Common Files > Apple > Mobile Device Support > Drivers on Windows PC. Once the Drivers window opens up, right click on the usbaapl64.inf or usbaapl.inf and click on Install.

In case you are not able to spot the installation file, and unsure which file to install, right click on a blank spot of File Explorer window and then go to View > Details to install the Setup Information file having a .inf file extension. After the installation, disconnect the Apple Device from Windows PC and do a system restart.

Next up try connecting the iPad, which you are intending to connect and open the iTunes software. If your Apple device still doesn’t recognize the system, check the Device Manager app and see if the Apple Mobile Device USB Driver has been properly installed.