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How to Keep Your Computer Cool?

tablet and computer

computer has lots of parts, such as graphic cards, CPU and other parts. These things can make your computer hot. Overheating issues may increase troubles for your computer. If your PC is not removing fast air, there will be numerous risks of serious damages. You have to keep your laptop cool to avoid serious damages and other issues. Here are some methods to keep your computer cool.

Permit Air Flow

Your computer needs sufficient breathing room; therefore, remove possible obstacles from airflow. There must not be any obstruction near the airflow of your computer case. Keep this vent open at least 2 to 3 inches on both sides. The back of the device must be unobstructed and open.

If your computer resides on a desk, you must keep its door open. Cool air must enter from the front and sides of the case. Hot air can affect the performance of your computer.

tablet and computer

Keep Case of PC Closed

Some people keep the case of computer open to avoid overheating issues. It may seem logical because open case invites unobstructed airflow. During this process, you can’t ignore dirt and dust. These things can clog your cooling fan. As a result, your fan will slow down or fail to operate. To avoid fan clogging issues, you have to keep a case of your PC closed.

Clean Computer

Fans in your computer are installed to keep the device cool. Dirt, dust pet hair and other elements can slow down a fan and make it stop. You should not take any risk and keep a fan of your computer clean. To increase the efficiency of your computer, you should clean the internal fans. Open the case of your computer to clean up its internal components.

Move a Computer

If your computer is becoming dirty or hot in an area, move this computer to a new location. A clean and cool space is necessary for your computer. Before moving your computer, you should unplug it. You have to be careful about CPU, motherboard and hard drive.

Upgrade the Fan of CPU

CPU is the most expensive and sensitive part of your computer. For this reason, you have to upgrade the fan of your CPU. You can use a cooling pad. If you are facing issues with the fan, feel free to replace it with a powerful fan. You can install two fans in CPU to decrease its temperature.

Case Fan

You can attach a case fan with your computer. It is attached to the back or the front of a desktop computer. The fans may help you to move air through a PC. Feel free to install two fans to move cool air into the PC. Case fans are easy to install as compared to CPU fans. Cooling pads can really help overheating devicecs. It will protect your tablet from unnecessary heat and uneven places.