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What should I do when a computer freezes?

frozen computer

Computers freeze all the time. It can be challenging to find the actual reason as to why this is happening. You have to evaluate the software and hardware of your computer. In this way, you can detect and solve the actual issue. See these great options.

Restart Your Computer

If your computer freezes, restart it by holding a power button for 5 – 10 seconds. It is an excellent way to restart your computer without any power loss or other disruption. If a computer boots up without any issue, you will not need a new deviceThis simple remedy can resolve things automatically. Remember, this trick will resolve a few issues only. Major problems will remain at their place.

In numerous cases, computer freezes again during its startup procedure. Make sure to shut down your computer again, disconnect everything and boot up without external devices. Sometimes, external devices are accountable for the freeze. Now consult the manuals to troubleshoot things.

frozen computer

Launch Task Manager

If your computer freezes again, hit “CTLR+ALT+DELETE” and tap “End Task” to force-quit an application. Avoid pressing random keys and launch a task manager. Task manager will help you to check apps taking the maximum RAM amount and resources of CPU. If you are noticing a program taking excessive resources, kill its running process.

Press WIN+CTRL+SHIFT+B Together

If a conventional Ctrl+Alt+Del method is not working, you can try another keyboard shortcut “WIN+CTRL+SHIFT+B”. With these hotkeys, you can force windows to refresh the screen. These keys will help you to restart the graphics driver. You may hear a short sound and computer screen may dim or blink for one second.

Close Lid of Your Notebook

If you are using a laptop, try to close its lid and re-open it. In numerous cases, you can fix a freezing issue in different versions of Windows. Sometimes, nothing works because you are facing a hardware issue. For this reason, check every hardware component in your device. Replace faulty hardware immediately.

Software Problem in Computer

A computer may have hidden malicious software, such as a virus. Make sure to run a scan to check the security of your software. If you are facing issues on boot-up, use Autoruns to disable all programs in the startup. 

Sometime, a disk issue, memory, or CPU may become the main culprit. Start your windows normally, but keep an eye on disk, memory and CPU. A computer may freezes again if one of these things is not working. Start your computer in a safe mode and backup your data.

Decrease Unnecessary Programs

Before installing new programs on your computer, you have to check the capacity of your computer. Make sure to check RAM and storage. These things must not be overloaded because your computer will run slowly. The device must have sufficient RAM and storage space. These elements can increase the efficiency of your computer.