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5 Apps That Help You to Take Perfect Pictures of Your Phone!

perfect pictures on your phone

Today we are going to discuss the top five camera applications that you can use for android or IOS phones and tablets. So if you are not satisfied with the default camera applications, then you need to read this article till the end so that you can get the best camera application according to your need. You can download all of these five applications from the conventional play store in your android device and from the app store of your IOS device. So let’s get started with today’s article.


Snap chat is the most rated camera application around the world these days. There are many important features in snap chat that makes it stand out from the millions of other applications on the web-store. The snap chat camera application provides you special features and editing shades that enhance the quality of your pictures, and not only you can edit your gallery in snap chat, but also you can take new pictures with the help of this application. The fun does not stop here; the snap chat camera application helps you communicate with your friends and family with their own chat box and calling feature. Yes! You can make a regular voice or video call to your snap buddies, and they won’t charge you anything extra for this. Along with this snap chat also has a very fun feature that is known as a streak. You can easily share pictures tour your buddies on a daily basis and start a streak on snap chat.perfect pictures on your phone

Vasco Cam!

Vasco cam is the second camera application in our list today. This is a multi-themed camera application which provides you with different filters to get the best-themed pictures that you desire. Local camera applications do not have this type of feature in them; rather, they provide filters in editing mode and that damage the quality of the pixels.

Snap speed!

If you bought a cheap device, then you must know that the camera quality might not be good of the default application and for that, you can easily download snap speed. People who go for tablet purchases always look for applications that provide a series of different features and true colors and for that purpose you can easily use the snap speed application on your tablet which will provide you speedy editing and snapping features with just one click and the best part is it is free of cost.

Cup slice and Prisma!

These two are the last two applications on our list and one of the best camera applications used around the world.