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These 5 Apps should not be in your phone – A threat of harmful adware

Malicious Apps

You must be careful from dangerous apps in your device. Remember, Google Play store has several malicious apps. These can increase the threats for your phone. Moreover, you have to avoid harmful adware to save your device. For the safety of your device, these 5 apps should not be on your phone. These can increase the threat of harmful adware.

Infected Apps in Google Play Store

Google is doing spring cleaning to remove harmful apps. There are plethoras of applications and developers already blacklisted for their shady software and dubious ad practices. A few memory-saving apps and bloatware are harming your phone instead of doing well. Here are some apps that must not be on your phone. These are littered with malware and adware.

  • Age Face
  • Beach Camera
  • Flat Music Player
  • Humour Camera
  • Ringtone Maker Pro
  • Heroes Jump
  • Mp4 Video Downloader
  • Ignite Clean
  • Dazzle Wallpaper
  • Smart Notes for You

Google is consistently working to remove malware and malicious apps. They don’t want any app violating their terms and conditions. The company is trying its best to eliminate rotten eggs. Now users must be vigilant before selecting apps. They should have their security policy for downloading and shopping from the Google Play Store. Remember, malware and adware are dangerous for your device.Malicious Apps

How to avoid malicious apps?

If you want to avoid these threats in your device, you should download apps from reputable developers. Malicious apps can be responsible for everything, from battery drains to viruses. They can affect the overall performance of your phone.

Shopping, social media, and stream app are convenient and excellent. They allow you to save time and offer instant entertainment. Remember, these things can be dangerous for your device. You have to be careful in the selection of apps. 

Below are some tips to avoid harmful apps: 

Make sure to avoid PHAs (potentially harmful apps) to decrease other risks. Limit your download sources and prevent the installation from untrusted sources. Remember, malicious apps can slip in your device through untrusted enterprise certificates. Malicious apps can steal your information.

Before downloading any app, understand that this app will access your information. Carefully read the permission of app and determine whether the app needs this data. Read the privacy policy of an app before downloading it. In this way, you will find out how your data can be shared. If the privacy policy of an app is vague, you must avoid download this app.

Check already installed applications on your device. Review their permission and ensure that they have access to necessary information only. Feel free to remove needless permissions. Remove apps with extra permissions from your tabletPay attention to applications that can access your camera, storage, contact list, microphone and location. You can also limit location permission for your safety.