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6 reasons you must choose a blackberry over android or iOS

WhatsApp for tablet

Nowadays, you can find new communication apps, such as WhatsApp for tablet, iOS and android. No doubt, BlackBerry is out of the market. They have stopped manufacturing their devices, and third-party firms are doing this job. Market share of BlackBerry is lower than iOS and android. It doesn’t mean that Blackberry is entirely out, but you can use its new phones. Its new KEYone is equipped with a QUERTY keyboard. 

Its handsome design, a physical keyboard and latest android version make it an android phone. Here are some reasons to prefer this phone over the iPhone and android. 

Physical Keyboard

You can buy KEYone for its physical keyboard. This keyboard is good with its transparent, glossy button. No doubt, it is better than BlackBerry Priv or Passport’s keyboard.

Nice Screen

Nowadays, tall phones are becoming famous. With a 4.5-inch display of KEYone and 3:2 aspect ratio, you can get the advantage of unusual features. Along with 1,620 x 1,080 resolution, the screen is sharp and bright. It is free from fancy round corners and curved edges but great for everyone.

WhatsApp for tablet

Key Gestures for Scrolling

You may not get a classic trackpad or trackball in blackberry, but QWERTY keyboard can do the magic. It is possible to swipe down or up anywhere on the keyboard. Scroll down or up through websites and apps.

Feel free to swipe right and left to switch between home screens. You can use your mobile without smudging up your screen with fingerprints. It is possible to swipe up quickly and choose suggested words. Feel free to delete and type words.

Double Space Bar

Unlike android and iOS phones with fingerprint sensors on the back of the phone, the KEYone has a clear space bar in the keyboard. This thing can surprise anyone with its speed. You can use the fastest fingerprint sensor in this phone. Remember, it is better than Nexus imprint and iPhone 7. 

Programmable Letter Keys

Shortcuts of the keyboard can make your life easy. Every letter key is programmed to launch shortcuts with a short and a long press. For instance, you can set “I” for Instagram and G for Gmail. Feel free to use almost 52 shortcut actions after launching apps, such as add event or compose an email. 

Nougat Android 7.1.1 with Google Assistant

In the presence of Android 7.1.1 Nougat, it is difficult to hate BlackBerry. It is available with a Google assistant. For this reason, this phone is one of the most updated android phones. You may find it even better than a pixel phone.

New BlackBerrys allows you to pound out emails and enjoy gaming. The KEYone is better than Pixel and Galaxy S8 for gaming.