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Everything you need to know about iPadOS 13.2

iPadOS 13.2

You can choose between Samsung and iOS. Apple has released iOS 13.2, tvOS 13.2 and iPadOS 13.2 for supported Apple TV, iPad, iPod touch and iPhone devices. A minor update is available labeling iOS 12.4.3 for iPads and iPhone. It can be an indication of end-of-support.

iPadOS 13.2 comes with a new feature because iOS 13 was out many weeks ago. Unusually frequent updates from Apple show that they are focusing on fixing their issues. They are introducing features actually planned for iOS 13. You can notice a mixture of new and old features. 

Use AirPods Pro

Deep Fusion (computational) photography supports better photos with low & mid-light function. Latest phones allow you to share voice recordings of Siri with Apple. Moreover, you will get support for new AirPods Pro. The announce messages with unique features of Siri, some new emoji, smart features and numerous bug fixes are making these updates unique. You can access these updates on different supported devices, such as iPadOS, tvOS 13 and iOS 13.iPadOS 13.2

Share Siri Recordings

Similar to its peers in this industry, Apple is badly criticized for working with 3rd party contractors. They are responsible for analyzing and processing recordings of the user’s interactions with a voice assistant. Now Apple is trying to improve the function of its virtual assistant Siri. 

As per reports, contractors of Apple review recordings of Siri to increase precision. The contactors got access to personal conversations, including sex. These devices can record conversations of users even after accidental activation. The brand wants to make Siri a privacy-friendly substitute to Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. 

Apple swiftly responded to this criticism by suspending this program and relations with 3rd party contractors. Now, employees of Apple can analyze these recordings. After a software update, company is ready to resolve this issue. 

iPadOS 13.2 is the next step in all efforts of Apple. After an update, these devices will be great for users. This update will ask a question whether you want to share recordings of Siri with Apple for optimizations. In this way, users can make their decision before proceeding with this feature. Moreover, you can change this setting letter in a settings app.

Support for new AirPods Pro

A new hardware product is available from Apple. AirPods Pro can be an expensive version of great wireless AirPods earbuds. These features excellent sound and noise cancelation feature. The update is to increase features in your device. After this update, you can use new and improved AirPods Pro. 

Moreover, Deep Fusion allows you to capture lots of images at a different level of exposure. You can notice a significant improvement in the quality of photos.