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Why Kit Kat Was Better Than Lollipop?

Windows 10 tablet

People often ask this question; it seems as if there was a shift in power between the phones. Basically both of them are versions of android, and both have their own pros and cons. Kit Kat was replaced by Lollipop previously and was greatly accepted in the market at first, but later on it got many complaints and eventually was replaced by Nougat. It has been one of the favorite android versions and was called as the 5th version of android. Windows 10 tablet mode was also introduced with the launch of android lollipop. We will discuss some of the features of this version of android and will let you know why and what complaints did it have.

Samsung S Series Success

As we already told you this was accepted a great deal in the market and Samsung’s S series was greatly accepted after the launch of this Android version, People having windows phone and tablets had the same old pc view. After the launch of this android, people wanted to shift on to Android phones, but they added windows 10 tablet mode that gave a classy view to users. The first problem that the android was accused of was that it consumed a large amount of battery.

Windows 10 tablet

Longer Battery Life

Battery life is very important for phones and their users so although the lollipop version provides a great and sleek look, but it also was one of the reasons that drained the battery of the phone and hence the first complain that came about was of this matter.

Better Privacy

The second con that it had was that although it could show the various amount of notification tabs on even you lock screen this feature was not enjoyed by many people as in their opinion it was a breach of their privacy and anyone could look up at their messages or notifications from the lock screen panel.

Smooth Multitasking

The third issue was with the multitasking feature, although it was capable of providing use of many apps at a time, but it caused the phones to lag and held at a certain point which was not at all accepted by customers.

One of the most important reasons that Kit Kat is said to be better is that for some reason Google discarded the silent mode feature from the later version of Android and people seem to be not happy about it. Along with this issue, the display was also changed.

There were two more issues related to the app management and security encryption that was too concern of customers that knew about the technicalities of it and hence as a whole it was not a successful version of android as Kit Kat was or as the now updated versions are. People at that time-shifted themselves to iPhone of window phones and windows 10 tablet mode was also accepted a lot at that time and the windows 10 tablet mode was also greatly used on even large systems for a dashing view.