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Mobile wallets: How to pay with your tablet?

Google play tablets under $200

To make payment, mobile wallet becomes a suitable option. You can use Google play tablets under $200 or any other tablet to get the advantage of this virtual wallet. It can store information about your card on your mobile device. Remember, it is a secure method to make in-store payments. Make sure to use it at the shop of well reputed merchants only. 

Remember, the mobile wallet is an application to install on your tablet or smartphone. Several smartphones come with a built-in mobile wallet app. It can store debit card, credit card, reward cards, or coupons information. You can store specific information, such as personal identification format in the form of a key, QR code, or number.

The mobile app needs NFC (near-field communication) technology. This technology uses radiofrequency for communication between different devices. NFC needs your personal identification format for communication to POS (point-of-service) terminal of a merchant. The transferred information is triggered in NFC-enabled devices. You can get Google play tablets under $200 with NFC technology.Google play tablets under $200

Smart Devices with NFC Technology

If you want to use a mobile wallet, make sure to buy tablets or mobile devices with NFC-technology. Remember, this technology is not available in all devices, even in iPhone devices. If you are an Apple user, you can use alternative methods to make in-store payments.

Mobile wallet of PayPal makes it easy for you to make payments with your mobile numbers. The number must be connected to your PayPal account for the approval of the transaction. PayPal uses phone numbers, and other options need personally identifiable features. The LevelUp wallet needs QR codes. You have to scan this code during checkout. The Square Wallet needs the user’s image to verify users. With Google play tablets under $200you can conveniently use mobile wallets.

Use Apps for Mobile Payment

If you want to use a virtual wallet to make in-store payments, here are some best apps for your phone.

Apple Pay

This app works with Apple Watch, iPad, and iPhone. Make sure to use a POS system with Apple Pay support. Feel free to use a stored debit or credit card for payment with the help of your fingerprint or side button on the watch. 

Android Pay and Samsung Pay

This app is suitable for Samsung and Android devices. You can install it on Google play tablets under $200. It can store almost ten banks cards. Samsung Pay works in partnership with numerous merchants. Feel free to store unlimited gift cards to make payment.

Android Pay is suitable for non-rooted devices. You can get it on Google Play to use your device near an Android Pay or Samsung Pay terminal for NFC reader communication.

Bank Apps

Banks allow you to transfer money to the users of the same bank. Feel free to use this feature through a mobile app. Some famous examples are Chase, Wells Fargo, Simple and Bank of America. These banking apps can establish a connection with your bank account. Feel free to download and install these apps in Google play tablets under $200.