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A Review for Chromes Built-in Virus Scanner and How to Use it

Chromes built in virus scanner

Today’s topic is yet another exciting one especially for our youngsters who have a great heart for Google and Google chrome.Today after searching about the complete details, advantages and its disadvantages we have decided that we will discuss the built-in virus scanner in Google chrome and how you can use it. Many people don’t know about this virus scanner, and some do know about it but don’t know about the restrictions one should know about. So today we will give it a shot so that you can easily understand its working and when to use it.

Is there Any Built-in Scanner in Chrome?

 Google chrome has its own virus scanner. Although you cannot say that it is efficient enough that you may compare it with the other conventional anti-virus solutions and scanners, yes it has its own existence and its use. So before jumping onto any conclusions just make sure that you read the article till the end for the complete details.

Chromes built in virus scanner

Advantages of Using Google Chrome Scanner?

Now the advantage of chrome anti-virus scanner is that it is available for free as an add-on, on the Google chrome application and you can enable it whenever and wherever you want. Secondly the anti-virus scanner helps you get rid of all the bad cookies and sites that are saved on your system through browsing. The third advantage is that you can also give your system scan and it will tell you about the applications that have virus or are vulnerable to viruses. 

Disadvantages of the scanner!

When you scan your system with the Google chrome anti-virus scanner it gets all the personal data and information from your phone and transfers it to your database. Using it or not is not the concern but some part of it breaches your privacy. Google has gotten a lot of negativity about this issue, and they promised to resolve it but till they let us just use the scanner for the browser and not for the system until and unless there is no other option or no personal data involved.