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Samsung patches fingerprints vulnerability in new Galaxy S10 and Note10

Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10

They issued a patch for both devices because these have fingerprint-reader flaws. The in-screen fingerprint sensors of the phone would unlock apparently for everyone. A person can unlock these devices after putting a silicone case over the sensor. They have not released official communication about the patch, but there are reports that patch is out.

Particular Issues with the Devices

After this news, Samsung acknowledged S10 and Galaxy Note 10 fingerprint issues in one press release. They claimed that this problem involved ultrasonic fingerprint sensors to unlock the device post recognize patterns (three-dimensional) on a particular screen protector. These silicon protectors were creating problems. Samsung advises users to remove these covers and delete previous fingerprints. They have to register their fingerprints.

Statement of Samsung and notes of patch release don’t describe the actual issue. The notes list all reported problems. If you are using a silicon cover with textured surfaces. 

This texture can recognize a fingerprint and unlock the phone with this texture. It is an incomplete description available in different online videos. The devices without protectors also have security issues.

A particular transparent object on the fingerprint reader can make your device vulnerable to hackers. A clear plastic piece or a phone protector with texture may become culprits. In fact, small interference with the fingerprint scanner of Note 10 and Galaxy S10 can make it weak. It can easily unlock your phone.Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note10

Flaws with Fingerprint Reader

Several videos demonstrate the actual problem with the fingerprint reader. With naked Galaxy Note 10 screen, it is possible to register different fingerprints. For the security of your phones, you can switch to another security option.

Samsung has released a temporary fix for the embarrassing issue of the fingerprint. It is severely hurting the reputation of Samsung. Samsung is updating its biometric authentication software. At this time, it is difficult to say anything about the security patch. 

A brand is ready to fix this issue in future devices. The in-display Qualcomm in Note 10 and S10 has challenged screen protectors. The air gap between the device and the plastic may be the real issue. Integrity and testing of biometric tech are getting more innovative with each release. Samsung has to work more to increase its scrutiny.

Samsung and other brands must not cheat their customers by hiding this issue. They have to say sorry and try to eliminate this issue through an update. Moreover, security patches are not easily available in the market. Remember, the security of your data is always essential.