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How to Stop Unnecessary Notifications on Android

Unnecessary Notifications on Android

Notifications are meant to provide you with updates. But beeping of the phone all the time due to notifications is quite painful, especially for people who are at work. It makes a bad impression on others as well.

Depict yourself as a most responsible and active person by perfectly dealing with the notifications as it is not a hard nut to crack. Switch off the notifications when you like or even have a selective notification approach for your phone

Persistent Notifications:

Suppose you are in a meeting and your phone is beeping continuously due to notifications then all of your concentration would be lost. Likewise, when you are the date with someone special or giving the presentation at the job but the notifications of the phone are diverting all your attention and making others feel quite disappointed as well.

Combating all such scenarios is possible when you consider blocking the notifications, especially from the insignificant apps. Unnecessary Notifications on Android

Block Notifications:

You can enjoy turning off notifications for the apps of your desire. No matter whatever the device you are using, you can enjoy saying goodbye to the notifications. You would be glad to know that blocking the notifications on Android is not rocket science. Turning off the notifications is a built-in feature of these devices.

You can make a selection for getting text or calls from peculiar contacts only. Settings offer you myriad types of opportunities to do so with extreme convenience. Do Not Disturb is the right setting in this regard. 

Selective Notifications:

It is not necessary to use the third party app for blocking the notifications. Simply go to the settings, and you would get the option for blocking notifications from the apps that you don’t like. Some apps send notifications several times a day which proves to a source of a persistent headache.  However, notifications from some apps are highly desirable. For instance, if you love shopping then a notification from such an online store app is highly significant. Get aware of the sales and discounts through such notification and be selective in blocking the notification from other apps.

Go to settings and tap Do Not Disturb and then choose between priority only, alarms only or total silence as per your needs. Customize it the way you like and as per the situation. Total silence is the one which makes the phone to be completely silent and would block all the vibrations and sounds. In addition to this, you also get the chance to activate the Do Not Disturb for a specific duration of time by setting the timer on for this. Exciting and useful approach indeed!