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Is there any way to unlock your android without a Google account? Read This

Unlocking your tablet

Numerous brands are using this operating system that needs a Google account to activate. Similar to other operating systems, it comes with built-in security features. It is necessary to stop unauthorized use of your device. Android depends on a password, a pattern or a PIN for security. 

If you have tried a wrong password or PIN multiple time, your device will be automatically locked. In this situation, you have to use your Google account. It is essential to perform a hard reset. Remember that the hard reset procedure can erase your data! See this process to unlock your Android device without a Google account.

Switch off a Device

You have to switch off a device and remove your SD card from your tablet or smartphone if any. It will help you to avoid overwriting during a hard reset procedure.

Put Device into Recovery Mode

You have to put your smartphone or tablet into recovery mode. Remember, every device needs a different method to boot your device in a recovery mode. They need hardware keys. For numerous devices, you can simultaneously hold the volume keys and power button. 

Hold these keys together simultaneously until your phone boots. You will see a DOS-like screen and different options. Unlocking your tablet

Factory Defaults

You have to restore your device to Factory Defaults. Feel free to use the volume key for moving up and down. Highlight “restore factory defaults” with volume key and tap the “Power button” and choose it.

Tap “Yes, delete user data”. This device will start resetting, and the rest process may take a few seconds to delete data from your device.

Reboot System

Once the resent is over, use volume key of your device to scroll to “Reboot System” option and press a “Power Button” for your device to reboot it. The device must reboot without prompting any password or pattern to unlock it. Now go to the settings of the device to set up a new pattern/password for your device. Make sure to remember this pattern because resetting your device can remove your data.

Third-Party Apps

 You can run this program on your computer and connect your Android phone. A USB cable will help you to connect the computer and your Android device. After downloading a third-party app on your computer, you have to follow prompts and unlock your Android phone.

It can be a safe method to remove lock screen data of Android without losing data. Third-party apps are available for free in the Play Store, but you may get access to their essential features. Remember, advanced features will be available after making payments.