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How to Decrease Data and Memory Use in your Android Tablet

It is very easy to hit the data limit or memory on your Android tablet these days, as there are numerous apps and games available that can eat away the data and memory of your device pretty soon. However, there are many configurations in the Android OS, which you can enable to decrease the data and memory usage of the device. Follow the simple guidelines shared below to decrease data and memory usage to about one third. Use Only Wi-Fi to Update Apps Ensure that you use Wi-Fi only to update apps. To do this, open the Google Play Store,…

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Some Key Benefits of Renting Tablets

Different people use tablets for different purposes and many of us do not need tablets on long-term basis. Some of us buy tablets because they are trendy or because we do not need all the features included in a laptop. However, tablets offer many productive uses and are perfect for students and businessmen who are always traveling. Obviously, one of the important features that make tablets so popular is their portability. You can take tablets to classrooms, tradeshows, business meetings, or anywhere you can think of. Tablets can be used to read eBooks or to improve your works by downloading…

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Top 10 Apps for your New Tablet

There are plenty of tablets available in the market and if you were to buy one, then it is essential to make sure that the tablet is capable of meeting all your needs. Finding the accurate tablet might seem difficult initially, but you could narrow down the devices based on factors such as price, specifications, features, storage, and such. Downloading the right apps after buying a tablet can make the device even more useful and helpful to you. Below 10 most popular applications, which will certainly help you make the most of your latest tablet. Waze This amazing app instantly…