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Issues Using HBO Now on Android App

Many Android users complain about experiencing problems while using HBO Now on their Android tablets. You may have purchased the Android tablet from the best tablet distributor in your area, but that does not make any change, as it is not the quality or price of the tablet that leads to the issues with HBO Now. If you are one of those unlucky users finding it difficult to use HBO Now on Android tablets, follow the steps shared below by wholesale tablet dealers to fix the issues. Close and Restart HBO Now On your tablet, select Settings, open Applications, and…

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A For Artiste: Reviewing Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Now that the stylus is bundled, you wouldn’t have to hop around in search of a tablet distributor for a stylus. Among other things, this can be great news for an aspiring digital artiste, whose thrive for perfection can be cunning. The side bezel of the Galaxy Tab A offers a secret slot for storing the stylus. Exploring the Galaxy of Features Downloading a virtual canvas from the Samsung app store is child’s play. The combination of the stylus and the drawing application (canvas) works with pressure sensitivity. What artists would want the most is draw a picture on the…