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How to Decrease Data and Memory Use in your Android Tablet

It is very easy to hit the data limit or memory on your Android tablet these days, as there are numerous apps and games available that can eat away the data and memory of your device pretty soon. However, there are many configurations in the Android OS, which you can enable to decrease the data and memory usage of the device. Follow the simple guidelines shared below to decrease data and memory usage to about one third. Use Only Wi-Fi to Update Apps Ensure that you use Wi-Fi only to update apps. To do this, open the Google Play Store,…

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Top 4 Android Apps that Let you Stream Video Contents for Free

Android tablets have become immensely popular in the last few years. There are plenty of applications in the Android Play Store, which helps us to make our life a little bit more convenient and comfortable. Most of us use our Android tablets for a number of tasks such as watching movies, playing games, accessing social media platforms, browsing web, and many more. If you are a film lover, then it is certain that you will be using your Android tablet to stream and watch plenty of movies and TV shows. However, many Android tablet users are not aware of the…

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5 Cool Things you Should Try on your Android Tablet

Most of the Android tablet users use their tablet for a limited number of tasks such as playing games, surfing the web, reading eBooks, watching movies, checking emails, accessing social media profiles, and so. However, there are a lot more things you can do with your Android tablet. If you happen to be an average Android tablet user, then you might not know what more you can do with your device. Here are a few cool and useful things you can do with your Android tablet. Play Retro Games There is a Windows app called DOSbox that enables you to…