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EBooks Reading Tips for Samsung Galaxy Tab

There are two ways to read books from your Samsung Galaxy Tab. One is to simply launch a PDF through the default reader and the other option is to download a new eBook reader from the Play Store. Both have their own merits, and reading depends heavily on the file format and the features in the reader app. Here are some tips to make reading easy. Kindle for Samsung with PDF or Mobi The most prominent file format for eBooks “epub” was present in the previous app “Reader’s Hub”, but not on the latest default app that is Kindle for…

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How to Fix Issues with the Rotation Lock Feature of iPad

The ability of the iPad screen to rotate is one of the neat features of the device. This feature allows a user to seamlessly move from browsing the internet in portrait mode to watching movies and shows in landscape mode. However, the auto rotate feature may not work at times, and this can be really frustrating to the user. Yet again, you do not need to worry, as this is an easy problem to fix. Here is how. Fixing the Problem You should understand that not all the iPad apps have the ability to rotate screen. This means that if…

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Top 10 Apps for your New Tablet

There are plenty of tablets available in the market and if you were to buy one, then it is essential to make sure that the tablet is capable of meeting all your needs. Finding the accurate tablet might seem difficult initially, but you could narrow down the devices based on factors such as price, specifications, features, storage, and such. Downloading the right apps after buying a tablet can make the device even more useful and helpful to you. Below 10 most popular applications, which will certainly help you make the most of your latest tablet. Waze This amazing app instantly…