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How to Troubleshoot FaceTime Issues on your iPad

The FaceTime app on Apple devices requires an established broadband or Wi-Fi connection to work seamlessly. However, users could still face call drops on FaceTime when the receiver doesn’t have FaceTime installed or the receivers’ country or carrier doesn’t support FaceTime. Countries namely Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and UAE including Dubai may not support FaceTime app on the Apple devices, so users should check for that. With that kept aside, if you try to switch from a FaceTime VoIP to a standard phone call, you may experience a temporary call drop. In case none of the above things apply to you…

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Troubleshoots to Fix Unknown Errors on iTunes

The iTunes installed in the Mac OS or Windows PC lets you synchronize data to iPad tablets through an established USB connection. When iTunes doesn’t recognize the other device, however, you may happen to notice a “0xE” error on your device that denotes established connection breaks. iTunes can be of great help to troubleshoot errors in your iPad, and so you need to fix iTunes and make sure it is in top shape to deal with your iPad issues. To troubleshoot the iTunes error, ensure you have the latest version of iTunes installed in the system. In addition, ensure you…

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What Makes WholesaleTablets.Com One of the Best Tablet Distributors

Tablets  have become a lot popular over the last few years because of the convenience and comfort they offer. These devices have become an integral part of our life and they allow us to do a number of work related and other tasks with ease. Tablets have enabled us to play High-Definition games, watch movies, create presentations, and do a lot more. We have to admit the fact that tablets have significantly changed the way we take on things today. The increased demand in the number of tablets has urged Wholesale Tablets to get these devices from tablet manufacturers and…