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How to Troubleshoot FaceTime Issues on your iPad

The FaceTime app on Apple devices requires an established broadband or Wi-Fi connection to work seamlessly. However, users could still face call drops on FaceTime when the receiver doesn’t have FaceTime installed or the receivers’ country or carrier doesn’t support FaceTime. Countries namely Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and UAE including Dubai may not support FaceTime app on the Apple devices, so users should check for that. With that kept aside, if you try to switch from a FaceTime VoIP to a standard phone call, you may experience a temporary call drop. In case none of the above things apply to you…

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Popular Tweaks and Customizations for Android Nougat 7.1.1

Among other devices, the Android Nougat has made its way into the best branded Android tablets. Nougat upgrades the Marshmallow experience with improved customization and better UI. Even a refurbished tablet user would welcome the Android Nougat soon enough, especially when the rebranded Nougat tablets hit the stores. In the meantime, you could do the below tweaks in your Android device running on stock Android Nougat for even better performance. Screen Size and Widget Tweaks Go to the Display Settings in the notifications panel, tap on the Display Size, and move the slider until the widgets are viewable to the…

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What is Common between Renting and Returning to Get Refurbished

People return used tablets to the manufacturer in order to clear some bugs in either software or hardware. However, users tend to return their tablets instinctively as well. In fact, thousands of models are rented, sold in bulk or wholesale. Of course, without testing a tablet and ensuring the quality, nobody sells or rents out the branded tablets to the customers. Refurbished tablets are popular among those who keep up-to-date with latest deals and models on tablets. Where else could you get a bargain deal on a revamped tablets except when buying directly from Wholesale Tablets? In fact, you can…