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Tricks to Try Out in Android Tablets Ft. Android Oreo

Google has continued the tradition of naming Android versions after a confectionery and Android Oreo looks promising on paper thus far. As of now, Android Oreo is available in specified Pixel devices and Google Nexus devices only. However, Google has promised that Android Oreo is going to arrive in most of the Android tablets soon. Knowing Android Oreo settings listed below will be helpful for you when the Android Oreo update surfaces eventually. Enhanced Security Settings Google is promoting the Google Play Protect feature with the launch of Android Oreo, although the feature would be rolling out via Google Play…

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Troubleshoots to Fix Unknown Errors on iTunes

The iTunes installed in the Mac OS or Windows PC lets you synchronize data to iPad tablets through an established USB connection. When iTunes doesn’t recognize the other device, however, you may happen to notice a “0xE” error on your device that denotes established connection breaks. iTunes can be of great help to troubleshoot errors in your iPad, and so you need to fix iTunes and make sure it is in top shape to deal with your iPad issues. To troubleshoot the iTunes error, ensure you have the latest version of iTunes installed in the system. In addition, ensure you…

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Popular Tweaks and Customizations for Android Nougat 7.1.1

Among other devices, the Android Nougat has made its way into the best branded Android tablets. Nougat upgrades the Marshmallow experience with improved customization and better UI. Even a refurbished tablet user would welcome the Android Nougat soon enough, especially when the rebranded Nougat tablets hit the stores. In the meantime, you could do the below tweaks in your Android device running on stock Android Nougat for even better performance. Screen Size and Widget Tweaks Go to the Display Settings in the notifications panel, tap on the Display Size, and move the slider until the widgets are viewable to the…