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Setting up and Using Google Assistant on your Android Tablet

It wasn’t until the release of Pixel tablet that Android users saw what the personal artificial intelligence assistant from Google can do. Now, Google Assistant is ready roll out to all Android devices that are powered by the Marshmallow or Nougat operating system. There are numerous ways to use Google Assistant in daily life, from getting a briefing in the morning to setting up an alarm for the next day and doing almost everything in between. Setting up Google Assistant Google Assistant will be already installed in Marshmallow or Nougat powered devices. Follow the steps explained below to setup Google…

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Issues Using HBO Now on Android App

Many Android users complain about experiencing problems while using HBO Now on their Android tablets. You may have purchased the Android tablet from the best tablet distributor in your area, but that does not make any change, as it is not the quality or price of the tablet that leads to the issues with HBO Now. If you are one of those unlucky users finding it difficult to use HBO Now on Android tablets, follow the steps shared below by wholesale tablet dealers to fix the issues. Close and Restart HBO Now On your tablet, select Settings, open Applications, and…

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Transferring Files between your Android Tablet and PC

Ever since its introduction, the Android operating system has become the most widely used platform for a variety of devices like smartphones and tablets. It can support a large number of devices and is much affordable compared to other platforms. However, the newly rolled out releases of Android are different from the previous versions. This makes the operations and functions provided through them also different. The method for transferring files between the tablet and a computer is different in the Ice Cream Sandwich version than it is in the newly released editions. However, you can use the following steps for…