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How to Disable the Geotagging Feature in Refurbished Tablets

Geotagging feature will add location whereabouts on the photos taken on your tablet. Firstly, open the photo having tags, tap on Menu, and then tap on the three horizontal dots to the right corner of the screen. From there, navigate to Details so that you can see all details regarding the photo having tags and location coordinates. Then tap on Show On Map option to see the location from where you took the photo. This is the first step to know whether geo-tags exists on a photo, but there are more steps to follow to disable the Geotagging in Android…

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Hidden Features in Android Nougat to Delight Tablet Users

With a few upgraded features and tweaks, experiencing the Nougat Android tablets would be something more peaceful than before. Users know about the split-screen feature and direct reply message in the latest Android OS, but there are some hidden features in Android Nougat as well, which give users better accessibility and control. Below are three of them. Tweak Font Size Interfacing with a larger font size would give better legibility in Nougat Android tablets, where decreasing the font size would be ideal for some users. Go to Display > Display Size and swipe in the Preview Pane to alter the…