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How to Restart or Turn off an iPad without Using the Power Button

One of the simplest ways through which you can restart or switch off your iPad is to press and hold the Sleep/Wake button of your device. However, several iPad users often ask what they will do to restart or power off their device if the Sleep/Wake button of their device becomes unresponsive. If the Power button of your iPad is not quite responsive, then there are a few roundabout ways to restart your tablet. However, the launch of the Appleā€™s latest iOS 11 mobile operating system has made restarting an Apple device without using buttons a lot more straightforward. You…

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Steps FOR Restoring an iPad to Factory Settings

Many people who own old iPads recently complained that their device is getting slow with each passing day. Apparently, if there are a number of applications on your iPad or if the internal memory of the device is running out, then your iPad may get slow. So, try to remove a few applications, clear the internal memory of your device, and check whether the device is performing better or not. iPad users usually factory restore their device before selling it to another person. This is done to make sure that their valuable data and other information does not pass on…