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A For Artiste: Reviewing Samsung Galaxy Tab A

Now that the stylus is bundled, you wouldn’t have to hop around in search of a tablet distributor for a stylus. Among other things, this can be great news for an aspiring digital artiste, whose thrive for perfection can be cunning. The side bezel of the Galaxy Tab A offers a secret slot for storing the stylus. Exploring the Galaxy of Features Downloading a virtual canvas from the Samsung app store is child’s play. The combination of the stylus and the drawing application (canvas) works with pressure sensitivity. What artists would want the most is draw a picture on the…

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Converting your Android Tablet into a PC

Tablets are becoming more powerful with the latest devices in the segment, packed with cutting edge features to rival other devices. The debate on whether tablets will eventually replace laptops in productivity continues even now. Android tablets scores higher in this case though, because it provides more accessibility and flexibility to the users. Although it stands below high-end models like Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4 and iPad Pro 2, Android tablet devices offer many other possibilities. Rather than relying on a laptop, using the simple tips mentioned below can help you in emulating your tablet for use like a PC. Windows…

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Uninstall These Apps for Better Tablet Performance

There are tons of applications available for your tablet on both Android and iOS app stores. These apps are designed to make our life easier, fun, and convenient. Many of them serve all these purposes and it has become quite hard to imagine our lives without such apps. However, we might have asked ourselves, at least at some point of time, that whether we need these many applications in our tablet. Obviously, downloading and accumulating lots of apps in your tablet will not only reduce the memory of your device, but will also affect the performance of the device. So…