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AirDroid App is Now Available to iPad Users

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AirDroid App For Ipad

iPads and iPhones are one of the best and most useful electronic gadgets ever designed, and these devices have played a crucial part in making our lives a little bit more comfortable and convenient. However, one of the major concerns shared by several iPad users is that they find it a little bit difficult to receive and send files to other devices.

This is mainly because Apple allows iPad or iPhone devices to connect only with iOS devices, which means that iPad users will be not able to share files with Android or Windows tablet users. However, a new app arrived on the App Store recently, called AirDroid, and it is about to change things for iOS device users.

AirDroid has gained immense popularity as an Android app and it was also one of the widely used Android apps for wireless transfer of files across different devices. This new iOS app also performs the same function of allowing users to easily transfer multiple files wirelessly between different devices.

Files such as images, music files, video contents, and others can be transferred across different devices using AirDroid that are on the same wireless network. However, it is significant to note that users can also transfer files via mobile data too.

In addition to that, the AirDroid app also allows the transfer of files even in the absence of an active internet connection. This is achieved by using the Bluetooth feature on your tablets and smartphones. This makes AirDroid a handy app for iPad users to transfer files to Android and Windows devices with ease.

If you are an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus user, then the images you send to another device via this new app will be in the HEIC format, which is the latest photo format Apple has introduced. This format doesn’t compromise the quality of your image, but Android tablet and smartphone users will not be able to read images in this format.

However, this issue doesn’t affect iPad users, as the images delivered to Android and other tablets will be in a mutually supported image format such as JPG or PNG. Apart from the above-mentioned drawback, the latest AirDroid app offers a flawless performance to all users and it seamlessly fulfills its purpose of wirelessly transferring files across different devices.