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How to Configure an Apple ID on iOS 10.3 or Later

When you buy an iPad from wholesale iPads bulk dealers, or an iPhone from other sources, you should sign up for the Apple ID in case you are yet to have one for the respective device. In fact, you can configure Apple ID even after the initial device configuration.

Having an Apple ID enables you to use the Apple Services on the fly; you can download iTunes content and apps from App Store using the Apple ID as you want. In addition, an Apple ID also lets you synchronize calendars, contacts, reminder notes, and more via iCloud, and lets you set up FaceTime as well as iMessage across other Apple devices. Below is the how to configure Apple ID on an iPad featuring iOS 10.3 or later.

Steps to Follow

Open the Settings application on the iPad and tap on Sign In. Then, tap on Don’t Have an Apple ID or Forgot It? and tap Create Apple ID upon prompt. Key in the Birth Date, tap on Next, and enter your First Name and Last Name in the designated boxes.

In the subsequent window, you can choose either Use Your Current Email Address or Get a Free iCloud Email Address to tie with the Apple ID. If you are going for the first option, enter your Email in the respective column above the This Will be Your New Apple ID option. Then, configure a Password and Verify by entering the same Password as prompted.

Apple would also prompt you to choose three Security Questions from three options and key in an Answer for each, which you can remember afterwards. Repeat the step three times over on iOS 10.3 or later to safeguard your Apple account. In case you forget the account password, the answer to the security questions would let you change the same and access your Apple account.

Tap on Terms and Conditions and Agree the same once you take a quick read. Tap on Merge in order to synchronize the data to iCloud by turning on the toggle switch for Mail, Contacts, Calendars, etc., and tap on OK to confirm the same upon prompt. Moreover, ensure to turn on the toggle for Find My iPhone when you create the Apple ID on iOS 10.3 or later. The next time you Sign In to iCloud, enter the Email and Password you configured as the Apple ID and you are good to go.