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How to Make an iPad More Child-Friendly

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Making Ipad Child-Friendly

It is a disputed fact nowadays whether children should use digital devices such as iPads. Many accuse that these devices do more harm than good to children as it may stunt the normal growth levels of children. However, it is unwise to totally disallow children to use these devices. Tablets offer many positive benefits like access to a wealth of information and improved learning options.

Clearly, many of the issues related to the usage of iPads can be resolved by actually limiting the options in the device. This will enable an iPad to be more child-friendly thereby making it much safer and easier for children to use them. It is imperative that such measures are set up right away after purchasing a new device from wholesale iPads bulk stores. Below is how to make an iPad more child-friendly.

Enabling Restrictions

Several features in an iPad enable us to create restrictions for each of the apps in the device. This will limit the functioning of each app such as its use of internet, accessibility etc. For setting up restrictions, go to, Settings > General > Restrictions > Enable Restrictions.

The restrictions are grouped into five different categories that can be adjusted such as allow, allowed, privacy, allowed changes and game center. You may then create a passcode for enabling or disabling the restrictions. Under the allow section, the user can enable or disable restrictions to each of the important apps such as Safari, Facetime, iTunes, AirDrop, etc.

Managing Content

Under the Allowed Content section, the user can regulate the contents depending on the age of the child. This will prevent the child from getting access to any websites, movies, books, podcasts, etc. that contains explicit content. This regulation can be applied for numerous options such as Movies, TV Shows, Apps, Music, Podcasts, and News.

When selecting each of the options, users can regulate the content depending upon the rating standards and the age group of children. For movies, this includes enabling or disabling movies that fall under different rating criteria such as PG, R NC-17 etc. In apps, the regulations can be made for different age groups of children.

Limiting Gaming

The Game Center option in the Restrictions section allows one to limit the gaming and make it much safer. The user can actually disable options for multiplayer gaming, screen recording, adding friends, etc. For disabling this, scroll down the restrictions page and toggle the Adding Friends and Multiplayer Games options to off. Since most of the children use the iPad for gaming, this feature will help much to regulate gaming.