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Hidden Features in Android Nougat to Delight Tablet Users

Android Tablets

Android Nougat Hidden Features

With a few upgraded features and tweaks, experiencing the Nougat Android tablets would be something more peaceful than before. Users know about the split-screen feature and direct reply message in the latest Android OS, but there are some hidden features in Android Nougat as well, which give users better accessibility and control. Below are three of them.

Tweak Font Size

Interfacing with a larger font size would give better legibility in Nougat Android tablets, where decreasing the font size would be ideal for some users. Go to Display > Display Size and swipe in the Preview Pane to alter the font size in Android Nougat – you are given with sample sizes so worry not to find the right font size for your needs. Once you make a decision regarding whether to use small font size or medium font size or something larger, make a selection and the changes would apply immediately in the device interface.

Turn off Do Not Disturb

Go to Settings, and under Sound, select Do Not Disturb and tap on Automatic Rules. Keep navigating on to Add Rule > Time Rule and allot 16:30 and make it a point to tap on the Alarm Can Override End Time option and then choose Save. Then, tap on the Clock widget and set an alarm at 16: 35 and select Save. When you do so, the DND mode will start at 16:30, but will end at 16:35, when the alarm rings. Users would love to sleep with DND mode turned on and sleep peacefully altering the time accordingly.

Block Phone Numbers

It would seem that Android Nougat has given users a jailbreak of sorts and why not disable the spam calls itself. For that, go the Dialer app, tap on the Menu button and then go to Settings > Call Blocking. From there, users can manually enter any number they would want to block. You can even enable the Caller ID & Spam feature from Call Blocking settings to get more privacy. Once turning on this particular hidden feature in Nougat, Google would alert users if the number assigned has a spammy history when the device rings.

Further, go to Settings > About Tablet and then tap on the Build Number seven times to enable Developer Options and access other features such as System Turner UI. There are many hidden features you can tweak, but make sure you know what you are doing; any slight error can make your Android device unusable.